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You can now use energy efficient glass for buildings. Saint Gobain range of solar control glasses provides dual benefits of energy savings and aesthetics.

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Solar control glass is manufactured by applying special coatings on clear glass. The performance of the glass depends on the coatings applied on it. These coatings enable the glass to reflect the unwanted heat and keep the interiors cool.

Advantages of using solar control glass

Solar control: This glass reflects a large proportion of incoming solar radiation, thereby restricting heat penetration into the building.
Energy efficiency: It reflects the right quantity of sunlight so as to limit glare, while allowing adequate amount of natural light. Thus, the need for artificial lights as well as air conditioners is significantly reduced.
High durability:Online coated glass, with high resistance towards surface abrasion undergoes minimal wear and tear.
Ease in processing: The processing technique for this reflective glass is similar to that of normal float glass

Range of energy efficient glass for your buildings
We have a range of glass to suit of different applications and types of building.

1. For residences and small façade glazing
Use reflective glass range of solar control glass for windows , façade glazing of small residential apartments.This range of glass gives you energy savings and aesthetics due to the special coatings applied on it.

Choose from a range of star-rated glass:

(For Residences and small Façade Glazing, Available in thicknesses of 4, 5 and 6 mm)
Shade (House of Colours) Solar Factor Aesthetics
Green (Green)    Brighter Interiors, Stylish Look and Privacy
Sapphire Blue (Blue)    Brighter Interiors, Elegant Appearance
Dark Grey (Metals)    Optimum Natural Light, Soothing Appearance
Light Gold (Neutrals)   Abundant Natural Light, Stylish Look and Privacy
Bronze (Metals)   Brighter Interiors, Elegant Appearance

2. For medium and large façade glazing
You can use Antelio Plus which gives you energy efficiency for medium to large commercial buildings.

(For medium and large Façade Glazing, Available in thicknesses of 5 and 6 mm)
Shade Solar Factor Aesthetics
Forest Green (Green)      Optimum Natural Light, Stylish Look and Privacy
Imperial Blue (Blue)    Abundant Natural Light, Stylish Look and Privacy
Royal Blue (Blue)   Abundant Natural Light, Stylish Look and Privacy
Sparkling Ice (Neutrals) Abundant Natural Light, Elegant Appearance

3. For all other high rise and large size commercial building façade glazing
Choose from a range of advanced solar control glasses

Sun ban glass range for commercial buildings

House of Color Shade Brand / Product Light Transmission
Solar Factor U-Value
Neutrals Clear Cosmos ET 125 / Evo 24 0.22 1.94
Iris SKN 144 / Envision 40 0.23 1.6


Blue Breeze ST 736 / Cool-Lite 22 0.25 2.8
Misty Blue KT 755 / Nano 33 0.25 1.8
Twilight  Blue KT 740 / Nano 24 0.2 1.8
Lumosa SKN 744 / Envision 26 0.18 1.6
Quasar SKN 754 / Envision 32 0.2 1.5
SKN SKN 765 / Envision 39 0.23 1.6
Blue Greens Turquoise ST 436 / Cool-lite 27 0.25
Greens Olive KT 455 / Nano 39 0.25 1.86
Tropica Green KT 440 / Nano 30 0.21 1.8
Futura SKN 444 / Envision 33 0.2 1.6
Nebula SKN 454 / Envision 41 0.22 1.5
SKN SKN 465 / Envision 49 0.25 1.6

Applications of solar control glass
This green building glass is the most preferred choice for Glass facades, Skylights, Glass sheet canopies, and all other glazing solutions.

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