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You can now lower your electricity bills by using Sunban reflective glass for windows.

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Sunban reflective glass is a new generation of energy saving window glass that uses advanced coatings to filter heat and radiation from sunlight while allowing natural daylight to come in. That means low energy bills due to savings in airconditioning costs and artificial lighting costs.

What’s more! It also makes your home look cool with a range of colors to choose from. The sunban reflective glassis available in colourslike - Light Gold, Green, Bronze, Dark Grey, Sapphire Blue, Royale Blue, Imperial Blue, Forest Green

Be it UPVC Windows, Bay Windows, Bow Windows, Arch Windows, Double Hung Windows, sliding windows and doors, reflective glass is the ideal choice

Sun Ban Glass Benefits

Summer Comfort
Sun Ban reflective glass helps you enjoy sunlight and feel comfortable, even during summer. It cuts sun’s direct heat by up to 70%, keeping your interiors cool and comfortable and is an ideal choice for buildings in tropical countries.
Optimum Daylight
The special coating on sun ban reflective glass helps you enjoy more natural light inside. So not only do you get the best of outdoors while enjoying comfort indoors, you also decrease the use of artificial light during the day.
UV protection
UV rays are part of sun’s rays. Exposure to this can cause fading of valuable upholstery, furniture, interiors and even walls. The special coating on sun ban reflective glass filters UV rays from the sun, keeping your interiors brand new.
Energy Savings
Enjoy the superior benefits of sun ban reflective glass while saving on electricity bills. Its special coating cuts the heat, and reduces cooling and air conditioning costs. By letting in optiumum natural light, it also reduces lighting costs during the day.
Daytime privacy
Keep out both sun’s heat and prying eyes with sun ban reflective glass. A specially coated reflective surface mirrors the outside, blocking strangers from observing what’s in so you enjoy utmost privacy all day long
Better Aesthetics
Add a touch of colour to your building with sun ban reflective glass. Choose from a range of colour families like neutrals, metallic blues and greens.
So, if you are building a new home, or renovating your home, ask for the new age window glass - Sunban Reflective glass and get the dual advantage of aesthetics and energy savings at almost the same price of a clear glass.

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